Welcome to Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies (LAS) interdisciplinary major offers an integrated approach to the study of the languages, cultures, history, geography, politics, economies, religions and societies of Latin America.

Regional Significance

Latin America includes South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. This region is an area of the world that bears unquestionable strategic importance to the United States. Current global events—including significant regional trade agreements, questions about the United States’ role in the region, and the increasing economic importance of Brazil and Venezuela—have sparked renewed interest in Latin America. The LAS program also addresses issues of immigration and Latino culture in the United States.

Interdisciplinary Program

The program incorporates language training, a study abroad component, a firm historical and cultural background, and an up-to-date consideration of the economics and politics of the area. It provides students with a deep as well as broad grasp of the region’s past, present and future.